Black Orchid

Black Orchid

Balmain white top

Topshop crop top

Love Moschino jean shorts
$195 –

Wolford tight

Sophie Hulme black purse

Skull bracelet
$43 –

Burberry lipstick

Saint Patrick Save Me

Saint Patrick Save Me

White jeans

Chanel purse
$4,630 –

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$36 –

Wood wall art



Rag bone black shirt

Karl Donoghue brown vest
$1,515 –

Frame Denim blue jeans

Pull&Bear ankle boots
$55 –

Tory burch purse
$305 –

River Island vintage sunglasses
$15 –

Lips makeup

My Watch Story

Hey guys! So this post is going to be a little different from my other posts. I was recently introduced to and noticed their variety of watches up for auction so I thought that I would share my watch story with you guys 🙂

Before I start I just wanted to say that I’m actually going to be writing about two of my favorite watches.

This watch is more of a watch of sentimental value than a fashion piece. My grandma who lives in Michigan left this for me before going back so that I’d always have a piece of her. I never wear this watch, it’s more of a watch that I put on display since it’s very fragile and vintage.

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M&M Final Task Results

Well it’s time to announce the winner of the first ever M&M Awards…finally hahah! Aka the person who gets:

-3-4 shoutouts
-bragging rights
-the option of getting a blog makeover
-and the M&M Award with the title of best overall (M&M) blogger

So after a very very VERY long and drawn out contest lol me and MassieBlocked have come to the conclusion that the winner was very clear. Before I say the winner I would like to say congratulations to all of you! You guys did so great! And thanks for joining the contest and sticking with it even though we were all very busy. So without further ado…the FIRST winner of the very FIRST M&M Awards is…..



Congrats! You were the LAST…LOVE…STANDING and you will go down in history and always be remembered as the first and best overall (M&M) blogger! And it is well deserved 🙂

M and M and M Awards

Notes From the Writer:

  • I will soon be doing the Liebster tag
  • Missy will be going to college! Yay! This means that this blog will be getting a bit more PG-13


If you speak my name,

I will cease to exist…

What am I?

(comment, email, or AIM a response if you’d like)



M&M Awards: Third Task

The Third Task!

Advice On the Block

Hello Lovelies! I know that I said MassieBlocked was going to be posting the third and final task but she is having technical difficulties as far as her computer so I am going to be posting the last task! 🙂

The last task of the M&M Awards contest is to write a blog post giving back to school advice. You can either copy and  paste the post and email it to me or AIM it to me or Massie. The due date is due (I was going to make it due on October 26th but people have been really busy so I’ll give it two weeks and it’s due on November 2nd). If you’re unsure if you are in this final round then just then go to the M&M Awards page. And don’t forget the winner of this contest or the ‘Last Love Standing’ will receive:

  • 5-7 Shoutouts on all three of our blogs
  • Rights to brag
  • An optional makeover
  • Named best overall blogger (M&M)
  • And a badge to go with it ^

Good luck to you all! And I can’t wait to see who will be…’THE LAST….LOVE….STANDING!!!’

(A little dramatic I know lol)

M and M and M Awards

Notes From the Writer

  • I just wanted to say I know that a lot of you have been very busy since school has started (I know I’ve been) and I just wanted to say good luck with everything and DON’T STRESS! Especially not about blogging. Blogging is suppose to be something fun that you do when you have the time (like instagram or watching TV) So if you don’t post every single week or every single month even…its ok! Just let us know whats going on (so we don’t think you’re MIA lol) and don’t feel the need to completely quit and just give it up either. It’s ok to take little breaks! We’ll understand! Just come back when you have the time…and overall BE HAPPY!!! And if you ever need help or someone to vent to IM HERE!! You can always talk to me…’Chef Don’t Judge!’ lol
  • Also…my Skye is officially back from her hiatus! Yay!! And we are still looking for a Leslie if you’re interested
  • Theres a new member of the DSL Daters! Charlie!


If you speak my name,

I will cease to exist…

What am I?

(comment, email, or AIM a response if you’d like)



M&M Second Task Results!

The results are in! Finally! Lol sorry for taking so long but I’ve been really busy and I know those who have entered have been busy as well, but anyways, without further ado, here are the ratings. The second task was to design an end of summer/back to school blog makeover:

The Results

CheersClaireLyons: 8

MassMarissaBlock: 7

AlwaysMassieBlock: 9

XOXOAliciaHeartsYou: 8.5

MassieGlamorousAlpha: 9.5

This round we will be eliminating 2 contestants so here are the eliminations:




Thanks so much for participating dolls! It was a blast having you and you made it so far; all the way to the 2nd round! Congrats! And for those of you still in the running the next task will be posted on MassieBlocked soon.

Notes From the Writer:

  • My Skye is back from her hiatus! Yay! Check out her blog: XSkyeHamiltonX
  • Also the DSLs are looking for a Leslie and Becca so if you’d like to join let us know
  • Speaking of the DSLs we have a new member: Charlie yay!

So stay tuned and stay busy! Lol 🙂


M&M Awards: Second Task

The Second Task!

Multi M Makeover

Hello lovelies! Congratulations to those of you who have made it to the next round, and for those of you that didn’t, I hope you had fun 🙂

The second task for the M&M Awards will be to make a back to school or end of summer blog makeover and make sure it’s the best! Like the last task me and Mass will judge your blog makeovers, rate them on a scale of one to ten (ten being the best), and the ones with the highest score will move on; the ones with the lowest will be eliminated.

The deadline will be this time next week. Good luck and have fun! May the loveliest lovely win! 🙂

P.s. The deadline may change depending on everyone’s schedules. If you have any questions feel free to contact either me or Massie 🙂

M and M and M Awards



M&M First Task Results!

9/11 pray for all of those effected mentally, physically, and emotionally.
The first task results are up and the second task will be up soon. Good job and good luck 🙂


large (5)

 Hey bloggers!

As the title suggests, this post is announcing the results from the first task of the M&M Contest! If you couldn’t remember, the first task was to design an end-of-summer party outfit. The original deadline was supposed to be September 5th, but we allowed a few others to turn in their tasks late. Missy and I judged the entries and we are now announcing scores and eliminations.


OfficialBlaireCarter: 0 (no entry)

CheersClaireLyons: 9

LovelyAshleyMoore: 0 (no entry)

AlwaysMassieBlock: 9

MassieMarissaBlock: 7.25

MassieGlamorousAlpha: 8.75

JoinAliciaRivera: 0 (no entry)

XOXOAliciaHeartsYou: 8.5





Congratulations to those who made it on the next round! The next task will be posted on Missy’s blog soon. Thanks for those who entered and turned in their entries! Good luck for those still in the contest!



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